The Shadow

Pacific Security Integrations' proprietary wireless video technology that has been deployed globally in a man portable configuration now can go anywhere a vehicle can travel. The SHADOW has been deployed in Afghanistan, Africa, Korea, and all throughout the Hawaiian Islands and is now available for mobile commercial applications.

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Wireless Video

Pacific Security Integrations is a world-leader in the design and deployment of turn-key wireless video surveillance systems for large-scale fixed installations and for quickly deployable, mobile operations. Use this solution to multiply your forces and add new functionalities while lowering your overall cost of deployment. The solution is an exceptional tool in tactical environments and is ideal for extending existing perimeter surveillance capabilities during heightened force protection conditions.

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Virtual Monitoring

Pacific Security Integrations fuses the most sophisticated computer networking technologies and the best of security services to enable delivery of significantly more effective security at a markedly lower cost. Using recent advances in technologies. VAST Logo

About PSI

Sensormatic Hawaii, Incorporated has sold its business and will be changing its name to Pacific Security Integrations, Inc. (PSI) The new company will be providing cutting edge visual monitoring systems integration for the most challenging environments. The best of breed video surveillance components, IP wireless mesh networking components and software management systems in the design and implementation of perimeter, critical area and facility security management system will be offered to PSI's customers.

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